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Publication date: 03 January 2007

Advertising Information 2011:

www.electronicsproductionworld.com is an online magazine for the Electronics Production Sector.  It is read by Electronics Professionals around the globe, with approximately 35% readership in the US, 57% in Europe and 8% in the rest of the world.

To support the website, EPW has an outbound newsletter, which is distributed weekly to over 22,000 recipients in the Electronics Manufacturing Industry.

Advertising Opportunities:

Home Page: (Includes Newsletter)

Top Banner & Newsletter (480 x 60)                                     €2,000

Side Banner & Newsletter (120 x 120)                                  €1,500

Side Banner & Newsletter (120 x 240)                                  €2,000

Single Section: (Can include News, Products or Features)

Top Banner (480 x 60)                                                          €1,000

Side Banner (120 x 120)                                                          €500

Side Banner (120 x 240)                                                          €750

Double Section: (Includes 2 of 3 from above)

Top Banner (480 x 60)                                                           €1,500

Side Banner (120 x 120)                                                           €750

Side Banner (120 x 240)                                                         €1,200

Please Note:   Both Site Wide & Home Page Banners can only be booked in conjunction with the Newsletter.  Single Section and Multiple Section Entries do not get carried on the Newsletter, nor do they include the Home Page.

Banner pricing is for one month.  Series Discounts are available.

To Advertise on this site please call +353 86 2485842 or email donal@blackdotpublishing.com


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