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Techspray® Eco-Stencil™ Manual and Batch Cleaners Safe on DEK® Nano-ProTek™ Coating

After extensive testing, Techspray announces that all Eco-Stencil cleaners, manual, understencil and batch formulas, are compatible with DEK Nano-ProTek coating. This allows customers to use Techspray’s Eco-Stencil cleaners for adhesive and paste removal without impacting the coating’s useful life and performance

Multitest’s Solution for 3D Packages Released to Production

Multitest, a designer and manufacturer of final test handlers, contactors and load boards used by integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) and final test subcontractors worldwide, announces that the first Multitest Plug & Yield solution for the test of 3D packages recently has been released to the customer’s production.

Nordson MARCH Introduces Fully Automated Plasma Treatment System that Lowers the Handling Risk to Sensitive Substrate Materials

Nordson MARCH, a global leader in plasma processing technology, introduces the new FasTRAK™ Plasma System, a fully-automated, high-throughput, vacuum plasma treatment system for lead-frame strips, laminate substrates, and other strip-type microelectronic components. Using state-of-the-art robotic movement that virtually eliminates operator handling of the strips or magazines, the FasTRAK Plasma System accommodates the full known range of magazines and strip width, length, and thickness dimensions. The field-proven robotics were specifically designed to lower the handling risk to the sensitive substrate materials by using minimal pushing, pulling, and low G-forces.

New Reed Relay Mate from Pickering Electronics

Pickering Electronics has published the Reed RelayMate –a new publication which looks in detail at Reed Relays. It describes how reed relays are constructed, what types there are and how they work. Our relay experts explain temperature effects, magnetic interaction and other factors that can affect their operation. A comparison is made with other relay technologies and advice given on how to choose the correct relay for the application.

PVA Adds Fume Filtration Capabilities to Their Product Line

PVA (Precision Valve & Automation, Inc.) is pleased to introduce the new FX800 Fume Filtration System. The FX800 protects employees and the environment by extracting and filtering harmful vapors and fumes associated with conformal coating and fluid dispensing processes.

Vincotech’s One-Step Mounting Technology – Fast, Reliable, Flexible

Aiming to cut assembly costs and avert inverter assembly flaws, several companies now offer power modules that can be mounted in a single step. Some use housings with a hole in the middle and a lid to hold the PCB, module and heat sink in place.

Brady introduces new Flame Retardant Wire Wraps for aerospace and defence industries

Brady has introduced a new line of Flame Retardant Wire Wraps for identifying wires and cables in the aerospace and defence industries. This new material, which is made from polyimide, is self-extinguishing and can prevent flames from propagating.

SolderLab.com Debuts PotWatch Service

SolderLab.com, an independent solder analysis lab, introduces an innovative new service called PotWatch. Featuring easy-to-use Web-based ordering, PotWatch provides the user with a scheduled method for testing, tracking and validating their solder pot alloy purity.

Techcon Systems Adds 32-Pitch Feed Screw to TS7000 Series for Microdot Dispensing

Techcon Systems, a product group of OK International and a leading provider of fluid dispensing systems and products, today announced the addition of 32-pitch TS7000 model to the TS7000 Valve Series.

Flexibilized, Thermally Conductive One Part B-Stage Epoxy Resists High Temperatures

Formulated for electrical potting and encapsulation applications, Master Bond EP36AO combines high thermal conductivity with thermal stability. This flexible, heat resistant epoxy has superior mechanical properties.

Nihon Superior to Debut New Low-Voiding Lead-Free Solder Paste

Nihon Superior, a supplier of advanced soldering materials to the global market, will introduce a new product, SN100C P810 D4 low-voiding lead-free solder paste, at the upcoming IPCA International Expo, scheduled to take place July 25-27, 2012 at the KTPO Trade Centre in Bangalore, India.

Count On Tools Launches New ezLOAD XL Board Support System

Count On Tools Inc., a leading provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, introduces the new ezLOAD XL PCB Support System. With the recent increase in densely populated double-sided circuit boards, COT recognized the need for more affordable board support options in the electronics manufacturing industry. The end result is an innovative design that is not only easy to setup and install, but also offers industry-leading benefits to EMS companies and contract manufacturers worldwide


Intertronics, market leaders in specialist fluid dispensing, are delighted to introduce the new Fisnar QuantX™ system to the UK where it is expected to be of great value in any industrial or related application where a dispensing syringe barrel is used for application of materials.

OK International’s Newest Advanced Package Rework Solution Exceeds Industry Expectations

OK International, a leading global supplier of soldering tools and equipment for production assembly, announces that the new Metcal Scorpion Rework System has received a significant amount of positive industry attention, including the prestigious 2012 EM Asia Innovation Award in the category of Repair/Rework Equipment

Multi-function JTAG Module Addresses Analogue Testing

JTAG Technologies, a leading world-wide provider of JTAG/boundary-scan products for electronics test and debug, has introduced the JT 2149/DAF, a compact, mixed-signal (Digital/Analogue/Frequency) measurement module. The JT 2149/DAF is the first unit of its type to offer both digital and analogue test access to PCBs via JTAG Technologies’ widely-used QuadPod™ signal conditioning interface


Electrolube, the global manufacturer of materials for electronics, automotive and manufacturing, will launch two new polyester resins to the US market at the Assembly & Automation Technology Expo (AATE) in Chicago on the 19-21 June on booth 947.

Everett Charles Technologies Debuts “Plunge to Board” RF Probe Designs for Accurate and Repeatable Broadband Measurements

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) announces that it now offers a wide variety of high-frequency, controlled-impedance, spring contact probes for broadband measurement applications. Beginning decades ago with the development of the legendary K-50 product, ECT has continued to expand its product line to interface with the ever-expanding types of launch design patterns on contemporary PCBs.

Count On Introduces PB Swiss Tools’ VDE-design Torque Tools

Count On Tools Inc., a leading provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, announces that PB Swiss Tools, a leading partner for quality tools world-wide, has released the newest generation of PB Torque Tools with VDE design for work on electrical devices. These convenient tools make it easy to check screw tightening torques and lie comfortably in the hand due to their ergonomic shape and high-quality handle materials.

PVA Launches Upgraded UV2000 Ultraviolet Light Curing Oven with Improvements in Noise Reduction, Flexibility and Aesthetics

PVA (Precision Valve & Automation, Inc.) has launched a redesigned UV2000 Ultraviolet Light Curing Oven. The upgraded system, available immediately, encloses the Fusion UV Lamp System resulting in an 8% reduction in noise output, less RF interference, and enhanced service access.

Pemtron Supplies Western Digital with the TROI 5500 3D Solder Paste Inspection Systems

Pemtron, a leading supplier of 3D solder paste inspection systems (SPI) for the electronics industry, announced today that it has provided the TROI 5500 3D solder paste inspection systems (SPI) to Western Digital, a storage industry pioneer and provider of products and services for people and organizations that collect, manage and use digital information.