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Factors to Consider for a Successful DFA

Design for assembly (DFA) is an ongoing struggle to balance assembly, fabrication and layout. The layout designer strives to create a product with ease of assembly in mind. The easier the product is to assemble, the cheaper the final product. In order to design the best assembly, the layout designer needs to understand the fabrication limitations of the components and the fabrication shop. The layout designer is a mediator between the requirements of the engineer, the fabrication shop abilities and the needs of assembly.

Interview with Kevin Laphen, President, Practical Components

Practical Components is an international distributor of mechanical IC samples or “dummy” components, and also distributes SMD production tools and equipment. The company is the exclusive distributor of mechanical samples for Amkor Technology as well as distributes components from most other leading SMD manufacturers including FlipChip International. Practical has a worldwide distribution network and in-stock availability of most popular package types. Here we catch up with Practical Components’ President Kevin Laphen to learn about dummy components and their advantages.

Cost Factors of the Cleaning Process - Part 1

Companies are constantly striving to reduce costs incurred during electronics production in order to increase cost effectiveness. Generally rising costs or the need to preserve competitiveness relative to low-wage countries further reinforce this development. Being part of the value chain and production, cleaning processes for electronic assemblies are also subject of cost analyses. The following first article in a three-part series presents a detailed summary of all costs factors relevant to the acquisition and operation of cleaning processes. A detailed analysis for optimizing individual cost factors in batch spray systems and inline processes will be conducted in two additional studies.

Using Technology to Enhance Customer Value in SMT Production

Krypton Solutions is a contract manufacturer (CM) in Plano, Texas specializing in electronics assembly for the semiconductor, medical and industrial market segments. The company provides services ranging from engineering support and pilot production to production runs in a high-mix/low-volume and quick turnover environment. It currently operates three SMT lines with plans to expand to a fourth production line later in the year.

Masking materials for the conformal coating process A dark art or just misunderstood?

Following the recent announcement by HumiSeal regarding the launch of its next generation masking materials we wanted to know what was the driving force behind developing a completely new kind of product; were the old materials so bad? Why are these new dots and tapes better?

Flexibility and Excellent Service: One EMS Provider’s Keys to Success

Dynalab is a design and manufacturing organization serving the electronics industry. Since 1981, it has built many long-term partnerships with Fortune 500 companies by providing outstanding engineering and manufacturing support. As a full-service Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider, Dynalab offers the technical capabilities, financial resources, and customized supply chain management programs typically found with larger EMS companies; along with the agility, flexibility and responsiveness usually found with smaller companies.

Not Just Talk: Flashtalk Technology Provides Quality, Performance and Service

Flashtalk Technology understands the importance of selecting the right electronics manufacturing services partner. Because of this, the company commits itself to providing the highest quality, cost-effective and responsive electronics assembly services available. Its experienced team is focused on providing each customer with maximum value coupled with the highest levels of service possible.

Wherefore ever ramble on? For the Good is lying near…

Since the very early days of electronic components failures have continuously been appearing. In spite of enormous development and production improvements this situation has not changed. Even automated equipment faults continue to be created on circuit boards. There is not a single manufacturing technique that will guarantee the 100 percent fault free circuit board. Each new technology creates new challenges and test methodologies to ensure fault free boards.

Modern Water-based Cleaning of High Frequency PCBA’s

One of the leading Electronics Manufacturing Service providers in the UK and Ireland replaced an outdated surfactant cleaning application with a modern, fully automated, water-based process solution to match the highest customer requirements for the cleaning of high frequency (HF) populated electronic assemblies.

Interview with Farid Anani, Manufacturing Manager at Computrol, Inc.

Founded in 1984, Computrol has a long history of providing electronics contract manufacturing services and support to blue-chip customers ranging from military and medical electronics to telecommunications and computer peripherals. Computrol continues to build on its core services and capabilities by investing in versatile, high-speed manufacturing equipment and technology, as well as continuing training programs for employees.


There have been five recently developed inexpensive and customized solutions for printed circuit board assembly productivity issues • THE STANDARDS GUIDE – Predetermined Time Values for Pre-wave PCB Component Insertion. • QUIZ – A Factory PCB Assembly Productivity Evaluation. • DIAL – Budget Costing and Investment Return Dial for (thru-hole printed circuit board component) Assembly and Storage Conveyors. • BOOK – CLASSIC PRODUCTIVITY SYSTEMS for the assembly manufacturer. Includes Standards Guide and QUIZ. Select book version – Rev A includes our generic industrial engineering proposals or Rev B that does not. • ARTICLES – Printed Circuit Board Assembly Productivity: - PCB Assembly Automation vs. Outsourcing - Work Measurement PCB - Semi Automation And Consolidation Of Entire PCB Process

Stencil cleaning made easy

In the electronic assembly process about two thirds of failures occur in the solder paste printing process. Therefore a lot of attention is paid towards making the right choice in solder paste, having high performance printers, designing and manufacturing optimized stencils and investing in automated inspection equipment. But how much attention goes towards cleaning of the stencils, during and after the printing process? The answer is simple: not a lot!

Conformal Coating: Sustainability and Maximum Reliability Made Affordable

Assemblies used in adverse climatic conditions, such as humidity and temperature fluctuations, require a suitable protective coating to prevent dangerous malfunctions and failures in the field. However, due to possible impurities remaining on the assembly from the soldering process, coating alone does not sufficiently protect against failures. In reality, the idea of implementing a cleaning process is often dismissed for costs reasons. Even though cleaning significantly increases the coating's reliability, it ultimately means additional costs. This study investigates if there is a possible compromise that would justify the integration of a cleaning process without increasing overall production costs. In a subsequent step, the total potential savings realized by a prior cleaning process were determined with regard to material and process costs as well as environmental factors such as VOC emissions.

Providing the Value in Value-Based Technology Solutions

“We provide tomorrow’s technology for today’s products.” This simple sentence sums up contract manufacturer Nextek perfectly. Today, more than ever, companies are looking to find the best value for the best, innovative technology. While this holds true in all matters, it is especially so in regard to contract manufacturing. Companies want a service provider that not only keeps them on the cutting edge of technology but does so in a user-friendly, economic way. Enter Nextek.

Reliable Outsourcing

Since 1965, Mowden Controls has been developing and producing exceptional electronics for customers. Long-term relationships with suppliers and customers as well as flexibility and quality have made the company successful. To continue producing the best, Mowden uses machines from the Swiss manufacturer Essemtec in its production.

Enhancing Switch Performance – Pushing the Boundaries with Contact Lubricants

Contact lubricants are specially formulated greases and oils, designed to reduce friction and wear and enhance electrical performance of current carrying metal interfaces, such as those found in switches and connectors. Contact lubricants are typically electrically insulative in thick films but in ultra thin films they allow the current to flow. As no metal interfaces are entirely even and smooth, when applied to such surfaces in thin films they fill in all surface imperfections, in turn improving contact and electrical performance as well as prolonging the contact life by reducing hot spots, frettage and arcing.


Electronics manufacturers worldwide are under pressure to find efficiencies, increase yields and maintain margins. Six years ago Rainbow embarked on a journey to find a better way of producing PCBs, particularly fine line circuits.

New SMT Equipment Supports Fast Growth for BGM Engineering

Michigan-based BGM Engineering (www.bgmeng.com) specializes in integrating electronics into customer products. Founded in 1989, the company evolved from developing invention prototypes with entrepreneurs and inventors to providing electronics design, manufacturing and programming support in the development of wireless devices, sensors, motor controls, modules, and other electronics for customers within the automotive, fire fighter, medical and energy-savings industries.

Interview with Mario Sciberras: Saline Lectronics Continues to Expand

Founded in 2002, Saline Lectronics, Inc. is a printed circuit board (PCB) contract manufacturing firm located in Saline, MI that services a wide variety of clients in the medical, after-market automotive, aerospace, military, and oil and gas industries. It provides the latest manufacturing expertise including THT, SMT, BGA, microBGA and different bottom terminated component capabilities, as well as other challenging mixed-technology assemblies. Saline Lectronics specializes in mid-volume, high-mix electronics PCB assemblies that require thorough process and documentation control as well as challenging opportunities for the production team.

Altech UEC SA Discovers EVS International’s Secret to Improving Efficiency

JSE-listed Allied Technologies Limited (Altech), is a leading South African multi-billion rand high-technology group that operates in the Telecommunications, Multi-media and Information Technology (TMT) environments, with a strong focus on convergence in the TMT environment, with a view to achieving global prominence. Its strong presence in a variety of industry segments and high level of recurring income provides robust cash flows for the business and reduces the effects of economic cycles. Altech’s areas of focus - the South African and Australian digital migration programmes and the company’s East African data centre and network expansion activities, the ICT sector’s convergence opportunities and the expansion of our annuity income base – all bode well for future prospects and growth